About Me

My name is Bryan Knowles, and I'm a software engineering instructor. I am originally from Georgia,and spent several years in Kentucky where I studied Computer Science and Rhetoric (one bachelors and two masters). I now live in Madison, Wisconsin, where I study Information Science.

In Computer Science, my research was on graph theory and probability. In English, my research was on rhetoric, satire, and symbolism. My current field takes the tools I learned in English and applies them to the goals we have in Computer Science. Ethics is the overbroad term we use for this. I don't want to teach ethics, and I don't want to teach AI. I want to teach what the picture becomes when we say its name. The air in the room changes when anyone brings up "AI." The organizational flows get connected up differently, and the processes that create our software reconfigure to accomodate now-emerging concerns. That is what I want to teach: a software engineering that knows both the soft skills that connect us (and I mean really understands them, the understanding that only comes with practiced experience) and the effects of symbols on our work (as a result of our invocation of various objects, terms, and ceremonies in the face of the limitations of language, invocations we choose over others to give ourselves certain agencies).

This is an old blog, and it has certainly shifted away from what it used to be when it began years ago. I've been using the same username since I was twelve or so, and I plan on sticking with it. But I also want to highlight some of the new projects I've been working on since I've aged and continued to move north. So some featured posts will follow, with a link to everything else, as well as any art I am selling, if you or someone you know are one of those into buying art from strangers online.

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In my free time I take computationally hard problems and try to reinterpret them into something generative. I pick my favorites, I find some things, and I stick them together to look like that generative output. It combines my love of found art with computer science theory.

When I have any for sale, I'll list it here. If you want to see the generative programs I'm using, I try to post about them, so check the links above.