About Me

My name is Bryan Knowles, and I teach kids and adults how to code.

Find code I've written on github 😼 and glitch 🎏. Find more projects in my portfolio.


In my free time -- who has free time anymore -- I take computationally hard problems and try to reinterpret them into something generative. I pick my favorites, I find some things, and I stick them together to look like that generative output. It combines my love of found art with computer science theory.

When I have any for sale, I'll list it here. If you want to see the generative programs I'm using, I try to post about them, so check the links above.



Knowles, Bryan. Various Profiles. ACM XRDS. 2018-2019. https://dl.acm.org/profile/99659256708/publications?Role=author

Knowles, Bryan. "Diversity, Identification, and Rhetoric in Tech: On the Analysis of Satirical Conference Talks." WKU Masters Theses & Specialist Projects. 2018. https://digitalcommons.wku.edu/theses/2330

Knowles, Bryan. "In the Face of Anticipation: Decision Making under Visible Uncertainty as Present in the Safest-with-Sight Problem." WKU Masters Theses & Specialist Projects. 2016. https://digitalcommons.wku.edu/theses/1565


See my lab site: http://phai-lab.org


In general:

All my teaching materials past a certain date are available open-source on my glitch 🎏 page.